How Does JAVLIN Invest Work

An inside look of the app’s features

With JAVLIN Invest, you gain access to key data points about your long-term investment portfolio. By viewing complex calculations typically available to only the most sophisticated investors, you’ll receive tools that help you spot potential risks—and understand new ways to allocate your holdings.


View essential, portfolio-informing metrics, including daily and historic returns, volatility, CVaR, and Sharpe ratio. Toggle your portfolio’s Rank and perform Visualizations to see how your investments compare to our benchmark, the S&P 500.  


Wondering how your current or what-if portfolio compares to the market in the past – so you have a window into its potential future? Utilizing a blend of analyst price targets and historical data, our performance backtesting feature analyzes your portfolio against past market behavior and gives you insight on what an optimized portfolio looks like according to four metrics: maximum Sharpe ratio, minimum CVaR, maximum return, and minimum volatility. You can even explore optimal allocations for each stock.


Project helps estimate your current or what-if portfolio’s future performance, including best- and worst-case scenarios. Explore a variety of possible outcomes, and tailor your investment strategy for risk-adjusted returns.

For advanced investors, Project uses a combination of Monte Carlo simulations and supervised Machine Learning programs to forecast potential portfolio performance. The market is unpredictable but, by leveraging Monte Carlo methods, our proprietary Machine Learning program can estimate how macroeconomic factors might affect your holdings.


Thinking about adding that hot new stock to your portfolio? Test it out first with our Build feature to see how it might potentially impact your what-if portfolio before you buy.


Here you’ll find more resources to get started with JAVLIN Invest, including a Glossary of fundamental investment vocabulary and FAQs. Need to make account updates? You can do that, too.

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