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This shared mission of helping investors make more informed long-term investment decisions brought these two firms together after a mutual introduction. JAVLIN Invest and Delphin Investments believe that everyone deserves access to the same insights and information professional investors reference every day.

Cision /  January 9, 2023

Our co-founders, Jeff Tsai and Vinny Yu, got to chat with Jason Hartman as a part of his series The 5 Essentials of Smart Investing.

Medium /  February 20, 2022

JAVLIN Invest now incorporates analyst projections in our backtesting and optimization algorithms. This, along with historical data it already uses, provides long-term investors with even more data to better shape their portfolios for optimal returns in the future.

Yahoo /  January 26, 2022

Our Co-Founders, Vinny and Jeff, share expert insight on the benefits of portfolio optimization with Global Banking and Finance Review.

Global Banking & Finance Review /  January 12, 2022

Co-founder Jeff Tsai tells GoBankingRates that people should look to see what surplus cash they have at the end of this year and consider using that to invest periodically over the course of the next year to gain the benefits of dollar-cost averaging.

GOBankingRates  /  December 13, 2021

Our co-founder Jeff Tsai debunks the 5 biggest myths about investing.  /  December 12, 2021

Basketball is the sport that best matches the world of investing. There are a lot of lessons that basketball can teach us about investing. Here are seven of the the most important ones.  /  November 17, 2021

Our co-founders, Jeff Tsai and Vinny Yu, were profiled by Fintech Profile. Learn more about JAVLIN Invest and get to know Jeff and Vinny a little better here.

FinTech Profile  /  October 27, 2021

Our co-founder Vinny Yu spoke with Business Insider to share why day trading is not all it’s cracked up to be and why investors have a lot to consider before wading in risky waters.

Business Insider  /  October 22, 2021

When you’re first getting into the stock market, there are many factors to weigh. For example, should you buy individual stocks or funds that hold many companies?

U.S. News & World Report L.P.  /  October 14, 2021

Our co-founder Vinny Yu spoke to @GlobeStcom about how Evergrande could impact stock markets going forward. Our new app is a great tool to see how your portfolio can be affected by these types of events and how you can adjust accordingly.  /  September 24, 2021

JAVLIN Invest is the first and only portfolio optimization app to provide both risk-return portfolio optimization, and the ability to project long-term risk-return based on potential macroeconomic conditions

Yahoo  /  September 14, 2021

In 2015 when entrepreneurs Baiju Bhatt and Bladimir Tenev launched a trading platform aimed at providing equitable access to the stock market by eliminating costly trading fees, they dubbed their venture Robinhood Markets (Nasdaq: HOOD) in a nod to the legendary literary figure Robin Hood and his efforts to reduce the disparities between the wealthy and the poor.

The Armchair Trader  /  September 2, 2021