Our Story

Leveling the playing field for everyday investors

Big league investors have tools to make portfolio optimization easier. Why not the rest of us? 

At JAVLIN Invest, we believe everyone deserves access to the same insights and information that professional investors reference every day. Our proposition is simple: put you on the road toward smarter financial decisions with in-depth data and easy-to-understand portfolio analytics. It’s quick, intuitive, and stored right on your phone. No complicated spreadsheets or PhD in economics required. 

Our Commitments

Protecting your privacy

We know your data is precious, which is why we use Plaid—a platform trusted by Venmo, Stripe, and other financial-service apps—to connect your brokerage accounts with JAVLIN Invest. Rest assured: we never store your financial data or ask for sensitive information, so your privacy is always protected.

Keeping it simple

Everyone can learn from JAVLIN Invest. Whether you’ve been investing in stocks for days or decades, JAVLIN can help you conceptualize the risks inherent to your portfolio, providing you with the tools you need to make more informed long-term investments. Our data visualizations, Glossary, and ranking feature help newcomers learn the ropes quickly—without hours of Googling. At the same time, our sophisticated calculations will impress even the most seasoned investors.

Saving you time

You’re used to having limitless information at your fingertips. Why should portfolio optimization be any different? Unlike other portfolio optimization software, JAVLIN Invest is a mobile app and automatically imports your brokerage account data. Valuable insights, from your Sharpe ratio to your CVaR, are never more than a few swipes away.

Meet the Team

After years in the finance industry, Jeff Tsai and Vinny Yu were ready for a change. They were seeking an exciting project to tackle together when they noticed friends struggling with their investment portfolios, and making risky investments and allocations.

Confident they could leverage their risk management and trading expertise to devise a solution, Jeff and Vinny built JAVLIN Invest, an app that gives long-term investors access to better data—and the tools necessary to take their finances into their own hands. Needless to say, they’re pretty proud of the result.

View your portfolio from a new vantage point